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  • It doesn’t cause total blindness. But it can make everyday activities like reading and recognising faces difficult.
  • Without treatment, your vision may get worse. This can happen gradually over several years (“dry AMD”), or quickly over a few weeks or months (“wet AMD”).
  • The exact cause is unknown. It’s been linked to smoking, high blood pressure, being overweight and having a family history of AMD.
  • Wet AMD — you may need regular eye injections and, very occasionally, a light treatment called “photodynamic therapy” to stop your vision getting worse.

Modifiable Risk Factors for AMD

Smoking is the best known risk factor for AMD, however more recently, epidemiological studies have focused on the potential association of AMD with nutritional factors. Mainly three types of nutritional factors have been investigated for their potential protection against eye ageing: antioxidants (mainly vitamins C and E, zinc), the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin and omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).

Exercise for Eyes? No Really!

Think of exercise bringing more oxygen into the body. The eyes need oxygen to stay healthy and comfortable. Growing scientific evidence suggests that aerobic exercise can increase crucial oxygen supplies to the optic nerve and reduce pressure in the eye.

Is AMD a Womens Health Issue?

HRT not on your Radar?

Perhaps you are precluded from taking HRT on health grounds? So let’s remind ourselves of some of the main nutritional sources.

Precizion Podcast

This all came to light when I was recording this week’s conversation for my PODCAST with Optometrist Bansi Dhamecha. Bansi is the Director of Optotor, she is passionate about eye health and a font of knowledge. If you ever wondered what is happening to our eyes as we age and even if you didn’t! Have a listen for some excellent advice and some fun as always. Grab your earpods and get some air or sit down with a cuppa and look away from your screens!



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