These are indeed unprecedented events we find ourselves living through. Coronavirus came out of the blue and took the feet out from under all of us. Few of us are unaffected and this prolonged period of social isolation means opportunities to share our thoughts and emotions are more elusive than ever.

Current Mental Health Challenges

My story

Then when I was 33 and a first time mum and shortly after celebrating my Son’s first birthday a worrying lump began to appear around the base of his spine, his tummy was swollen and his nighttime crying was wearing us down. A trip to the GP, urgent referral to a paediatrician and that same day we were admitted to Southampton hospital for tests which quickly showed a Malignant Tumour attached to his Coccyx. The 10 months of Chemotherapy that followed and his surgery to remove the remains of the Teratoma left us all in a state of shock.

Why share this story

How can Exercise Help?

The benefits of physical activity include: less tension, stress and mental fatigue, a natural energy boost, improved sleep, a sense of achievement and exercise can be fun. Practicing Pilates, Yoga and enjoying the outdoors is my movement prescription for myself.

Benefits of Pilates

The mental health benefits of Pilates can be overlooked because of the traditional focus on Pilates for back health and core strength. But when we do Pilates we connect the body with the mind; focusing the mind on the technique and how your body feels while in a class is a very mindful activity.

Pilates is brilliant for stress reduction; aside from the feelings of wellbeing from moving and mobilising your body, the focus on breathing can help to switch on the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest and relaxation reducing stress.

Move More Feel Better — It’s not Just Me!

Checkout some very digestible science here from Dr Tom Bullock Cognitive Neuroscientist

Move to Live…Live to Move with

Build more movement into your day, your week, your life!

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