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The Pilates fundamental principle of alignment begins with the Pelvis. We can consider the pelvis as the foundation with the centre of body mass located within the Pelvis. When the pelvis is Neutral it brings the lumbar spine into neutral, this allows the spine to stack up above it in the most ideal ‘S’ shape; also referred to as the Natural Curves of the spine. This ‘S’ shape arrangement of the bones allows the spine to distribute the load most effectively between all the appropriate load bearing structures; bones, discs, ligaments, muscles etc

We must remember that our movement habits emanate from our primitive programming which seeks the most energy-efficient way in which to go about our day; just in case we need to run from a tiger at any point. Unfortunately this propensity for energy efficient movement means muscles are doing the least they possibly can unless we consciously intervene.

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To take the test we stand against a wall and measure the distance of the occiput (a bony protuberance at the base of the skull) from the wall. A distance of greater than 7cm can predict the likelihood of a thoracic vertebral fracture with HIGH accuracy.

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